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Who we are

Hanabi Technology Pty. Ltd. are SAP® technical consultants / workflow specialists with a global reach, based in Brisbane, Australia with over 20 years experience in SAP consulting.

Hanabi Technology can assist you with optimising your business with SAP Workflow, as well as assist in any SAP ABAP solutions you need built.


Hanabi Technology specializes in delivering the best SAP Solutions.

From optimizing your business through SAP workflow to building custom SAP ABAP solutions Hanabi Technology has you covered.

With Hanabi Technology you can be confident that you’ll have functional, optimized, and well documented solutions that suit your business’s needs.


About SAP Workflow

SAP Workflow is a powerful and reliable tool for automating business processes. It is used by thousands of corporations worldwide to streamline their business and enhance governance.

With the combined knowledge of our SAP Workflow Consultants we have created several publications about SAP Workflow. We have also compiled a list of helpful links in order for you to learn more about SAP Workflow and how it can help your business.

Contact Us

If you have any issues with SAP Workflow that you would like to
discuss, please send us an email at info@hanabi.com.au. If we can’t find a way to fix your
workflow issue, our initial consultation is free!